By ZeroHiyuu
Bdhalleck wrote:why is the server saying I have an outdated client? I am running on 1.6.2 but it says the server is 1.6.4 :s

Type this

everything like that, the IP without the ":25688" leads you to a 1.6.4 server thing lol.
By LCSminer
#81366 There's a hub thing, correct? I entered the portal, then suffocated in a wall, and whenever I respawn I fall 80 blocks and die... then respawn and fall 80 blocks and die... Its kinda really annoying O_O I think that its caused by a simple problem- I last played your server when the forums reset everything. I think that I logged off in an area that has since been covered by blocks, so thats why I suffocated. I don't know why I'm respawning in a instant death spot though...