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By Animalol
#72968 Hello. Sorry, but I am locking and moving this to Server Archive. If you want it out of Server Archive, please remove your Modpack. Once you've done that, just PM me to let me know you've removed the Modpack, and that you want your Server out of Server Archive.
By WinterStar
#74518 Minecraft Username: WinterStar
Age: 15
Where did you hear about us: Searching on this site for servers
Tell us a little about yourself: I love rping, gaming, and, well of course, pokemon/pixelmon. It's really all I have to say about myself. I spend all of my time focusing on pokemon and rping.
Do you have previous experience playing on a RP server?: Yes I do.

—General Character Questions—
Full name: Myst
Age: 14
Physical Description: Myst is short, about 3 and a half feet.
Personality: Doesn't speak a lot. Will help any kindhearted person when they are in trouble or when they need help.
Biography: She never had a family, or maybe she did, she just never knew it. She gave herself the name of "Myst" as short for Mystery or ???. She wore a robe made of silk and had brown hair. She traveled through forests and deserts and coasts, everywhere she could to look for a place that actually would have what she was looking for... A place. A place where people cared about her, and not abandoning her or any cold hearted things. Most call "family", some call "friends." To her, it was called a "team."
Ambitions: None.
Favorite Pixelmon: Eevee
Skin: Image

—Open Response Questions—
You’re walking through an open field when your eyes lock onto another trainer’s eyes in the distance. You both freeze in place. What do you do next?

Myst throws out her Eevee and tells Eevee to tackle, sand attack the other pixelmon that the trainer threw out, then quickly dodge the pixelmon's attack, and use quick attack to faint it.
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By peachi3xx
WinterStar wrote:-snipped-

Thanks for the application! It was a lovely read. We've updated the application form just a bit to include a few questions.

You can read a breakdown of the application below with a link to player made guides that explain what meta-gaming, power-gaming and OOC vs IC.

We generally ask a paragraph for description, personality and biography (about 5 sentences each). But your open response was purrrfect~

You're almost there. I hope to keep hearing from you!