By Vikerus

Check out what the devs of JC are creating!
Sub and like this, Army is a good guy and does commentary!
Soon to be doing a series :D
By Vikerus
Cgags1789 wrote:Hey Vik long time no see! I tried to join the server but then got booted out and it told me it can't be found.

Try using the back up IP:
By Vikerus
#66731 Closed for update, regenerating the map so we will have a smooth transition. However this means I have to carefully MCedit the entire map back. Expect the server to be down for a while.
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By xWildxManx
#67261 Hey guys wild here, I just wanna say that I will not be taking gym battle requests anymore, as Im very busy nowadays. Sorry for inconvenience etc, etc.