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'A pixelmon server'

PixelMon ... 24th-2013/

This is a relatively new server, which will focus gameplay on pixelmon as well as minecraft. It is a free-build server, where anyone can start their own town, have nice and friendly friends and also to aim towards the goal of being the pokemon champion.


-Players are allowed to build their own town and using factions to protect their land!
-Weekly Championships with attractive prizes to be won.
-7 Gym Leaders, Elite Fours.
-Champion title, this title, is not gained by application, donation nor any other stuffs. It is gained by being the top pokemon trainer on the server, you will gain this title once you have defeated all the gym leaders as well as the elite fours. Other players who have also defeated the gym leaders and elite fours, will be able to challenge you to take over your title.
-Mini games like Infected and Paintball Wars!
-Many other features will be revealed when you join our server!

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