By LTPfiredemon
#65208 Gym Application
IGN: LTPfiredemon
Gym Type: Fire preferably, but I'd be fine with any as I can adapt to any type very easily
Gym Number (1-8): 6 is what I would like most, but really it's not too important to me
Pokemon wanted: Flareon, Magmar, Ponyta Or Rapidash, Ninetails, Arcanine and Camerupt
Age: 15
How long would you be on a week: At least five hours a day
Why you: I've been a huge fan of Pokemon for a while, and when I discovered the Pixelmon mod I was incredibly happy, I've messed about with it in Single play to see what Pokemon I was best with, and I discovered that I'm best with fire types, which makes sense as they've been my favourite type since I discovered Pokemon in general. I've got a lot of experience with Pixelmon as I've played on quite a few servers and become a very proficient battler, I'd love the chance to become a Gym leader to help others become better and to improve myself, too. Thanks for reading, if you decide to pick me I'd be honoured, but if not, congratulations to the Gym leaders.

#75400 Builder App:
Age: 14
Experience in building 1-10: 8
Why we should pick you: I love pixelmon and I like hanging out with other people and building it makes me really happy when other people can benefit from my buildings that why I would like to be a builder and build for all the people of the server.