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By plrushe
#65570 Very simple pixelmon server.
Hi , I have a simple pixelmon server (Obviously) And I've been looking to expand The server by getting more people on. Currently we are working on a pokemon emerald map where you can adventure and do the gyms.
Tell the owner your from this website to get free pokeballs and rare candies!
(Owner is Plrushe)

We had some issues with permissions but it is now fixed.

Website :
{We usually get around 10 people on at a time}
If you find a issue please tell me! I plan to fix everything in my power. (First post on here)

By mac_tim
#65982 can i than please be an admin or someone that can help the server or something i played one day on this server and i really like it but you need to now im dutch so the times are a little diffrent