By gamingnut2
#66590 [center]About[/center]
[center]This server was created for a youtuber called ImaKitch, hence the name Kitch'em, for him to interact with his fan base. We have currently just built spawn and have been adding shops to the towns plaza, however this server is completely survival and it is encouraged to build your own towns. Gyms are not yet Implemented and will be explained more in depth below.We will not be hiring staff at the time, but we will be hiring people for certain jobs that need to be done, an application will be down below.[/center]

[center]We encourage that you the players build your own towns. We will be accepting towns that are worthy of having a gym. To be worth of having a gym you must have a minimum of 10 building, including a PokeCenter, PokeMart, ect.[/center]

[center]Once your town has been approved you may build an official gym, however your Gym then will have to be approved, along with the gym team you plan on using.Once you have a gym you may select Gym Leader or you yourself can be the leader, but whoever the leader is must have a gym team with pokemon with in 5 levels of each other and must be type themed.[/center]

[center]Owner: Gamingnut2
Co-Owner: Vampkitty47[/center]

[center]Mods Needed![/center]



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By Kyiv
#66619 Do you need any more "Staffies"?
I would gladly apply.

By gamingnut2
#66629 I could use some help but not looking for any more staffies at the moment, tomorrow planing on opening the server to the public. I had it up for a while today, but whitelisted it for the night because spawn is almost complete, but not yet finished.
By gamingnut2
#66689 We will not be updating as of yet, and if your wondering why its because of all major bugs such as pokemon not saving, but fear not we will update when a quick fix is out.
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By Css1234567890123
#66695 If I were you, I wouldn't update till an fix is out, so just be wary of that, but good luck gaming on your server.
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By vampkitty
#67596 Thanks everyone who joined in the events today
hope everyone score loads of pokeballs from the ball drop event
and i hope everyone had alot of fun with my naughty maze we made :P
and ofc the tournament <333

congrats to all the winners !!

Ball Drop Event will be weekly
Maze will be once every months
Tournament once every/other week
(Rewards will very)

i hope to see you guys again for the next events and all the new players <3