By TheMightyKamina

Brand new Pixelmon server updated to 1.6.2. The server is running with 4gb ram so it shouldn't be lag much. So far 4 out of the 8 towns have been built and the 5th one is under construction, but while everything is being worked on you can explore the pixelmon world and build a house and train your Pokémon because the server is on survival mode. Battle the gym leaders and earn the 8 badges to compete in the elite 4 and become a Pokémon master.

To play on the server you will need:

Pixelmon 1.6.2
Minecraft 1.6 launcher

We are in need of gym leaders and mods in the future when the server starts gaining players but in the mean time enjoy the server.
Please note it is still in its early stages and it will only get better so if you have any suggestions for the server post them on the forums.

IP -

Now includes Factions