By KostarasMike
#71903 ;-; was dinined to join because i am about 7 people below the limit you need have to have 20 people on to join the hub guys so remember that if you want to join
By KostarasMike
#71926 Burgy you said i was denied but i looked at my enjin i got 21 players they just come on at different times? could that get my server in
By stuart0613
#72107 Ign: stuart0613
What server: AJPS!
How often can you be on:EVERYDAY FOR 2~4HOURS
Why should we choose you: Oopss... sorry for caps. because ill fix mistakes if any is there, ill be nice, supportive,good. im good at fighting. I usually stop when told unless really upsetD: im generally a helpy person
Are you good at battling:YES definitly i could probably beat people like 10Lvl`s higher than me!
What gym:Fight gym please!