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By jsnbrown1989
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[center]An amazing chance to show your design and building skills is coming soon!
DON'T MISS IT![/center]


Nightshade is being reworked from the ground up to be made bigger, better and stronger for our 1 year birthday coming up VERY soon! We are having MORE events, MORE contests and with MORE prizes.

We have a all new logo, an all new website and with all new forum and donation perks. We are already often told we are the best survival pixelmon server out there, we want to be even better than that though!

Because oftentimes server owners will make up stuff about how there server is so great and fantastic, I set up a survey to poll our players about what is great about our server. Here are some of their responses:

MUNCH13T1M3 wrote:How staff just joke around with eachother and they don't abuse there power, thats the best in a server.

redalert380 wrote:I enjoy that the moderators and admins that I have talked to have mass amount of knowledge of the game.

MegamanX07 wrote:Me and harli(Avatarstormcrow) where in our town, I was building some stuff and harli was working on her forest. While we were, Jsnbrown1989(the server admin) went invisible and while harli wasn't noticing, spawned in a bunch of grimers and muks around her. She didn't notice at first until he really started to spawn in so much that it was flooding the entire forest. harli freaked out, asked for my help in what was going on. Not knowing, I assumed it was a glitch in the new pixelmon update.
And then came in IIQuertII. He was with Jsn in this little trick and came in yelling, freaking out, telling us that we were messing up the server and that someone had done this and that someone was gonna get perma-banned. Harli was in tears, telling him that it wasn't her and was some glitch and then came in Jsn who just agreed with IIQuertII, saying that somehow someone planted a spawner there. Well, by then I was starting to get nervous too, and even more so when Jsn looked into my Inv and behold a spawner was there. I was set up!!! XDD
Jsn took the spawner from my inv, and him and quert agreed that yes, I was the terrible person who somehow hacked in a spawner. I was starting to worry more then, but poor harli she was freaking out in the Skype chatroom and in-game so much! I felt mainly sorry for her, but thankfully, quert PM'd me that it was a set-up and I went along with it long enough for them to get the most awesome "Gotcha!!" on harli I'd ever seen. XDDDDDD
They litterly had to calm her down and convince her that they were just playing around it was so well put together. XD
Admins on her are an awesome bunch! And I still gotta say sorry to harli. It was just a prank. ^_^

There are many other stories I could post but needless to say, our server has a ton of fun, has AMAZING staff and would be a great one for you to visit.

I hope to see you there!
- Jsnbrown1989

Come by and check us out.
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By jsnbrown1989
#77101 Drop Party Tonight at 7:00pm EST! Make sure you reserve your spot! It will be at our eventhub so just do /warp eventhub to get there. There are 6 islands with different biomes all around the event hub so if you want to get their early and look for pokemon, you certainly can!
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By jsnbrown1989
#77865 Just upgraded us up to 50 slots again due to high demand during peak times. Come by and play! We have one of the best websites and an even batter playing experience than ANY pixelmon server. Don't believe me? Try us out!
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By jsnbrown1989
#81525 Well, thank you for bumping this post.

The server is still looking for some quality staffers. We have been expanding quite a bit. We now also have a sister Zombie PVP server as well. Pretty cool stuff going down at our website: