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By DetSkye
#89095 [center]The community also has many players that play the new Pokemon games, X and Y!
You'll be able to make some good friends, have more chances of getting what you want easily without having to go through the obnoxious GTS, and get lots of O-Powers just thrown at you like it's Christmas.
Nightshade's community is just the bomb, okay?[/center]

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#89161 We have teams starting back up! You can join Team Rocket, Magma, or Aqua! Each team has their very own base to call home and members who get along together
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By jsnbrown1989
#89381 Our Website has now been updated!!

Along with our normal amazing wiki, we have moved everything to a single login! So login once to access our forum, our support system and more! We also have included a social network of sorts that combine the best of twitter and facebook to help build our community to make it even stronger.

We have also updated our forum system as well making it more smoother and simpler to use!

I cant wait for you guys to see it!
By cee5556
#89447 Truly a great server, its bin up for 7 months and iv bin on it for 6 months and 2 weeks and it has very dedicated staff and there all very fun to talk too. I don't see why this server isn't higher on the list. This is as it said on the forums. "The Greatest Pixelmon server, period."
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By jsnbrown1989
#89550 Thanks Cee! And yes, we are "fun" to talk to. :P

- Small update on our website:
We have all new social features
We have all new support areas so that you always have access to communication with the staff.
We have all new forums
We have a section on the website just for videos made about our server! We have players with videos having 2k views just because he help advertise it on our website.

I hope you guys come check it out!
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By MegamanX07
#89754 Hello just wanted to give my piece about the server.

I've played on the server for a couple of months and I have to say that I really do enjoy it. I have enjoyed the pixelmon and have looked around for a decent server that had what I was looking for. Honestly, this server just works out well. The community is kind and pretty helpful. If you are new there, they are happy to welcome you, and you can ask for info and get some help. The Admins/Mods are on a lot and take care of problems that may arise. So if you got a problem, chances are if you ask, you can get a pretty quick reply in-game. And even if they are not, they have a forum and a support ticket system that you can send in to get aid as well. They have team, gyms, towns and parties for the server and it's all so much fun that it just keeps you coming back. You can be a trainer and try to take on the gyms and trainers to become the Pokemon Champion or stick more to Minecraft standards, build a town and perhaps become a Gym Leader/Rocket/Magma/Aqua/ect yourself. There's just a lot to do and don't think I've even covered everything that's in there. So just check it out. And if you see me in game, feel free to give a shout. :D