By McSlyShrooms
#74541 Welcome to the world of pixelmon! On McSlyShrooms amazing pixelmon server you will be sent off on a unique survival adventure! Of course you will get your free starter pokemon to accompany you. Go about the world collecting pokemon and trying to conquer all 8 gyms! Once you collect all the badges train hard to even have a chance against our elite four group! If you do beat them you can take the title of a pokemon master! We also have an amazing Pokepark where you can chill with your pokemon and friends! Battle arenas are there to encase you want to pick a fight. With our amazing admins we also have a site where you can look at amazing pixel art to give you a huge confidence boost just in case you need it or to just look at! This server contains 50 slots and is 24/7! So what are you waiting for? come join ours server right now and enter the world of pixelmon!

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