By famedfuzzball
#74810 Hey all,

What I want to do here is welcome you all to our SPST pixelmon server!
Our server runs the newest version of the pixelmon mod (2.3.1) and we have our own custom made map.
We are currently in Beta and need you to make the effort we put into it a succes!
There are 8 gyms, a Elite-4 and a champion and you can still apply for co-leader/builder!
We will have events and droppartys frequently and try to get our gyms open as much as possible.
The next region we are going to build will be Johto!
At spawn there is a warpsign to the rules, there you can get trainer rank, see the donation rewards and see what gyms we have.

What do you need to join our server?
- Server IP:
- Minecraft 1.6.2
- Bukkitforge
- Pixelmon 2.3.1

Less important but recommanded:
- Rei's minimap

Server webstite (with donation store and forum):