By TalentedTanner
#82627 Timezone:Central Usa


Which Gym leader position do you prefer: Co-Leader or Leader?: Leader

Which Gym do you want to lead?:Poison Gym

In 100 words or more why do you want to become a gym leader?:I Want to be a gym leader because I believe I am qualified to do so. I like helping people and watching their skills improve as they go. I also have always been fascinated in being a gym leader, I believe that not everybody can be a gym leader. I believe I can be, I believe this because of my leadership skills. Thank you for considering my application.

Put any extra information here: Im matured enough to become a staff, and I have also had experience in this thank you.

By gamernyancat
#82794 Hello there Delsolsi213,
We talked alot in pixelmon. I am Gamernyancat! I want to become a gym leader in your server. Please any is fine water,fire,ect. Please tell me on here (reply) or tell me on pixelmon because i go on there alot often now because im edicted to it! :lol: