#76926 Hello guys! My name is Shining and I'm an administrator from the great and friendly server :"Pokenationscraft!". Our server runs pixelmon 1.6.2 and many other fun and useful plugins. Towny, Iconomy, pixelmon, npc's, buycraft, and sign shops are just a few of these, and we are always looking to add more. Currently, our server has complete maps of kanto, johto and hoenn and we will eventually be adding sinnoh and unova. To keep the experience similar to the games, we have gym leaders for johto and kanto all of which are helpfull and friendly players able to battle whenever! Our server is very active; we have events usually a few times a week and these include pokemon tournies, drop parties, fossil hunts, pokemon hunts, pokemon races, and statue building contests! Our staff is very friendly and willing to assist you with whatever problems you may have. Pokenationscraft is a relatively new server and we are looking to add more players to our great community! Eventually we hope to add multiverse, which will have alternate worlds for each region, and a seperate pvp (mysticraft, mccmo, possible heroes plugins) world. Come join us today and use the keywords "shining sent you" to recieve 10 ultra balls and 10 great balls to kick start your adventure! Owner : ZoneofSavi
Thanks, Shining