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By Pyreness
#77812 What could be better than Minecraft and Pokémon combined? Seriously.

Join us on Pixelmon - CatchEmCraft! IP -
Mature Greylist Server -

CatchEmCraft is looking for mature players to join our new server. What we offer:

*Survival Gameplay - We want to stay true to minecraft while adding in some quality of life essentials and of course, POKEMON.
*Legendary Spawning enabled.
*Fun Player Ranks to fit your style of gameplay! 3 tier trees beginning as builders, battlers, or pokemon collectors. Each tree contains higher ranks with new perks.
*Build Protections - mods and admins will manually come to your build and protect it. If by the off chance it got griefed before we could protect, we can easily see who the offender is, and roll it back.
*Economy - Set up your own shops in our mall to sell your items and buy from others! Also sell gold bars that you mine as extra currency.
*Cohesive and Helpful Staff - We successfully admin another non-pixelmon server, we are friendly and know how to take care of issues.
*Friendly and helpful community is enforced.
*Build in a town, create your own town, or somewhere private.
*Gyms Battles - Collect your badges and earn new ranks with perks!
*Dynmap -
*Online Pokemart - Donations are accepted in return for some cool in game items such as legendries and shinys.

*No griefing! If you didn't build it, don't touch it!
*Cussing is allowed, just don't over-do it.
*No slurs or disrespect.
*No harassing staff.
*No begging or whining for creativity or free items. This is NOT a handout server.

We are no nonsense. We may give one warning or we also may ban on the first offense, especially for griefing. Just follow the simple rules and you will be fine.

*If you have any conflict or problems, screen shot the situation, speak with an elite, mod or gym leader.
*You MUST screen shot your pokemon, the pixelmon mod tends to lose them sometimes, and we will not replace the pokemon unless you have a screenshot of your teams taken at Spawn or with coordinates up (this is to avoid people getting on single player and spawning them and claiming they are from our server)


What you can expect in our gameplay at CatchEmCraft: Most of our admins and mods are in their twenties. We have all played together for months/years on a separate minecraft server ( As kids we enjoyed gaming out on the old school pokemon blue and red, even before Gameboy color. Needless to say once we heard about Pixelmon, we were stoked. We ventured on pixelmon servers, to find them often crazy or messy, sometimes with immature or rude players/admins, and griefers. So we decided to make our own server that's a little more community based and a little less hectic and hoped to find some like minded players to join us! We are looking for a more mature Pixelmon crowd to play with. Teens are welcome but they need to express a certain level of maturity. We don't want anyone getting upset at a cussword or the occasional dirty joke, and we don't want those types of people who enjoy starting drama. We will not hesitate to ban for immaturity, disrespectfulness or rudeness. Follow these simple rules and you will have a great time!

HOW TO LOG ON - Greylist players - Anyone can log in and look around the server, but must be added to whitelist to play. Becoming white-listed involves simply reading the /rules and following the directions on the rules.

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By Pyreness
#77813 *Please note the server is brand new. We are just now beginning to gather players other than our admins and gym leaders. Spawn is still being worked on some as well as a few other tweaks, but feel free to log on and play as you would normally!
By MrWubzy
#78998 Hey, I tried to add your server to my MC list and it's unavailable. I was wondering if there's a different IP or if you're still working on it? I'd love to join.

EDIT: Sorry, I pasted the IP address wrong. My apologies!