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By mahrage
#85556 Lots of new changes to report!
-Donation shop for those that feel giving :)
-9 new ranks have been added, split into 3 different trees
We have decided to bring minecraft back into pixelmon, or if you choose.
You can decide to do either a building tree, a collecting tree or a gym-leader tree. And for those that complete their main tree, plus the requirements for the other 3 trees earns you the "Master" rank, that comes with a custom title and some other nifty features :)

Feel free to check us out or stop on in!
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By SMagicBaconS
#88724 I love this server the staff are nice and are always there when you need them. There is often a staff member on and i find it helpful :D This server has it all.. even though it is a small community server it has boss pokemon, legendaries, friendly players and staff, and ranks! We all know each other well, if you like smaller friendlier servers this is for you. If you plan on joining us the first thing you will get is a friendly welcome from everyone!