By fxm
#89817 If you are looking for a sensible, MATURE, fun server to play on, then this server is for you. Staff does not put up with griefing, cheating, stealing, or lying (or any other kiddy games) and the BS that goes on on most servers. It's one strike, and u may be GONE. There is a great multi-tiered ranking system, plenty of challenging gyms (no one has beat them all yet, after 2 months), plenty of pokes around (including rares enabled & bosses with drops), and lots of helpful players. Admins are always keeping up with the latest updates. Can't say its lag-free, but it doesnt lag 95% of the time.

If youre looking for challenging play with lots of fun and great staff, then come here. If you're looking for free handouts or the ability to buy every poke in the game with IRL cash, go somewhere else. All the pokes must be earned & captured in-game and your ranks gained thru hard work. Enjoy the experience & challenge! :ugeek:
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By SMagicBaconS
#89882 i love this server! Very Friendly staff, they are always on and helps with all your problems. this server is the best server iv'e ever been on. i would highly recommenced joining our community it is a great small pixelmon server where everyone knows each other and helps each other :D