By markellj
#6215 IP:
Its up and completely functional Come join me in my server where evrything is primarily built and i am gonna also need 7 gym leaders to run the gyms and i might also need the elite four.tell me if you want to be a gym leader or a elite four . ===============================
Everyone its on you need customnpcs ... s-splanmp/ and i would recomend this texture pack

Shoutout to Fugger973 he has first Dibs on the Job he wants cause he was with me through it all
Do not grief
Do not steal from players
Do not fight other players without asking
Do not abuse bugs/glitches
Do not hack
Do not Ride

NO whitelist 50 slots
Come and join now

Hey everyone this server will open in a couple days sorry but be ready cause its gonna be epic i just have to make `some renovations but i have the list of gym leader who have tried for their spot it should be ready tomorrow sorry everyone