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By VinceOrlando
cooljonny1 wrote:-le snip-[/size]

People on this server are strict with you because of your constant fights with others. Stop trying to troll my post because of your demotion. It is immature.
By Pickle4714
#120229 For anyone looking for a new server to try:

I think this server is really cool. They have a bunch of towns and full gyms and gym leaders, and they have tons of awesome stuff planned, but that isn't what made me want to stay. The best part about this server is the community. The admins and mods and even just the regular players are really cool. Everyone is helpful and nice, and I'm really glad to have found such a cool server. I highly suggest checking it out if you just feel like browsing between a few new servers. This is my first Pixelmon server, and I think I want to stay for a while.

I highly recommend checking it out.