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By roxasrule1234
#100364 In-Game Name: roxasrule1234
Play-Time: [Done /ontime to see] 4 days 3 hr and 34 mins
Pokemon Experience: Caught a legend(Rayquaza). have 4 badges have and pokemon 45 and up I Also Complete pokemon diamond,white and Y
Administrative Experience:Owner of A server.I Have Been A Mod before. I Know the Most Important Commands for staff And Know ALL essentials commands
Why Should We Pick You?:I Am Friendly Responsible and Won't use perks for advantages for me or others.I Know How hard is is on the server with a bit of staff and I want to help out
What are your weaknesses?:When Betrayed,Cyberbullied,Some pokemon types privicy and Others (bad at plain survival)
What Are you doing to fix them?:What U mean server probs? If So i will Ask for all the details be more active and Try My Best.Lost pokemon i will check the fourms first than decide
What Do You Think You Do Best?:commands chat pokemon and creative stuff
By ElementalCreep
#101015 In-Game Name: ElementalCreep
Play-Time: [Done /ontime to see] 1 Day 10 hours (I know this is short but I've literally played nonstop all day playing on this server)
Pokemon Experience: [At least 3-4 Sentences] Well I would say that I have alot of Experiences with Pokemon. I played Pokemon, LeafGreen, Emerald, Soul Silver, Diamond, Platinum and Black Version 2. I have also watched every Pokemon episode up to date!
Administrative Experience:[At least 3-4 Sentences] This will be my second time being Staff since I've been staff on another server. I think I did reat work because I gave everyone a good time playing MC. I forgot the server IP and also I'm pretty sure the server got deleted so yeah.
Why Should We Pick You?:[At least 3-4 Sentences]You should pick me since I will respond to anyone who has a question. And if I don't know the answer, then I will Google it and tell them. Also I will respect everyone.
What are your weaknesses?:[At least 3-4 Sentences]My weakness may be if someone starts disrespecting me very harmfully. I might lose my cool or I will just ignore him. Also sometimes I won't be able to play due to some important so I will not be on the server for a while. Also school might kick in and take away my privilages of playing.
What Are you doing to fix them?:[At least 3-4 Sentences]I will try by ignoring them for a while and see if things calm down. Also I will try to come back home with no homework so I could play. These strategies will probably solve my weaknesses.
What Do You Think You Do Best?:[At least 3-4 Sentences] I do best listening to people. I also like playing the server with players that respect me and like me. Not only will this benefit me, I'm sure everyone will enjoy this.