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By Cesiken
#6797 We now have CNPCs!

Server IP:
Remember to install CNPCs: ... s-splanmp/
Put the mod in the mod folder.

Welcome to the PixelGods server!
We hope you will enjoy like alot of other players have!
This server is survival mode, and we let our players build their own gyms, cities and more! We also want our players to be able to experience owning their own towns, gyms, games, etc! Many people seem to love it. Remember that the server is EXTREME RPG! We have alot of RPG stuff here. And remember that we are searching for moderators (Notice: You do not get it by just asking and whining). We also have much more for the players to enjoy! RPG, Creativity, Fun and more! We hope you will enjoy this server just as much as the other players have! We also do have all teams from Pokemon games and you can join any of them if you want to, or fight against them! We are providing an unique experience on this server that is much different from others! I'm sure you will enjoy the server!

Code: Select allNo griefing
No punching people who are in a Pokemon Battle
No hacking
No asking staff to tp, give stuff, etc to you
No swearing
Use your own common sense, you should know what is wrong and not.
Please just have fun on the server without having to destroy the experience on the server for others.

Code: Select allOwner: Cesiken ("The OmniGod")
Boogaluke ("God Of Totality") ("Twin Of Omnipotence God")
aa321919 ("God Of Omnipotence") ("Twin Of Totality God")
Aliencommander ("God Of Space") ("Child Of Totality God")
That0therguy ("God Of Time") ("Child Of TotalityGod")
Amethyst1998 ("Goddess Of Sea") ("DemiGod")
imKyrex ("God Of Fire") ("DemiGod")
Aresmars96 ("God Of Electricity") ("DemiGod")

Now just please have fun on the server and enjoy!

By JakeValentine
#6800 I can build. (: I like asian style houses, so if i could build an entire city I'd be happy. :D

I can show some of my work that I built in a survival server (which SUCKED gathering the materials) if you like.

Also your server isn't up.
By JakeValentine
#6803 Excellent choice. Anti greif protection for users is essential for fun. Most people just enjoy being awful, and they ruin the other players experience..

Anyway, if you still need builders, I can make your server look amazing. (:
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By Cesiken
#6804 Of course I need builders, after that many months I have no builders to help (Except one guy who hasn't even been on the reopened server yet) It will be up soon. I have a little problems with FTP, it suddently wont connect for some reason.
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By Cesiken
#6816 And by the way guys, we need staff, builders and gym leaders! Join and talk to me if I'm on. And remember that the server IS ON NOW WITH BUKKIT. Just join and enjoy! We will also have another world: Survival mode world with PvP!