By Rocketman52
#9072 I like the sound of riding being enabled again!

That explains the password thing? I assume its been taken down by now, seeing as it doesn't seem to do anything anymore?

I've been asking for a couple days, and have as of yet haven't gotten a response. What is the current method of protecting a town? I'd like to start one up, but have no idea how to protect it. Towny is offline, and the admins don't seem to want to world guard.

By Rocketman52
#9111 At the moment, my friend sitting next to me cannot log into the server because of this stupid password program we've got going. Anytime she tries to register, it tells her "You have exceeded the max number of registration for your account." Then it times out because she couldn't register.

What in the hell is up with that?
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By Cesiken
#9139 Server's up :P
AuthMe is glitched. That is why it is happening. I always remove it when I'm on myself but take it on when I'm away from the PC, so nobody will login as me, or any other admin.
By Rocketman52
#9165 Ok, so is there a solution to the AuthMe bug? and what kind of schedule might it be on? Otherwise, its going to leave a lot of players unable to connect whenever you're not around. :/

And waiting for news on the Anvil corruption.

Appreciate the time and effort you're putting into the server, Ces. It crashes and falls a lot, but it's honestly still the best Pixelmon server out there. Thanks for all