By flashsugar
#88161 hi fellow pixelmon trainers. I have a server called indeigo craft, i am looking for staff at the time to help get the server finished (whitelist), I will be taking staff applications on the website, please apply in the community activity wall or shoutbox, for a staff application and whitelist application to help build, the whitelist is only temporary

app format:
why you want to apply:
why should we choose you over anyone else:

the ip is

By LeyPokell
#88172 ign:Pokell
why you want to apply:Because i like to build and help servers become a big empire and have fun in general.
why should we choose you over anyone else:Well 1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And i am a great builder very well at commands and setting up plugins i can be on a few hours a day i have skype which is: cjjames3 : and im decent at this mod.
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By killthepast
#89919 ign: MinerKombat1557
age: 18
why you want to apply: Because this server sounds awesome
why should we choose you over anyone else: cause im a very trusting person who will not do things im not supposed to, saying that i am a not very strict and will warn before a ban, and i am very kind