By sonicezk
#89044 [highlight]Welcome to PokeMania!
Hello there! Welcome to PokeMania! We're a family-friendly, nice server who loves to help players and give them a great time on the server. We are trying to improve it with the suggestions from our community on the server, and are doing our best to improve your stay! Now, time for some rules, plugins, and more.

Warning: You will crash when you first join. Restart your minecraft and join again.

#1: Respect the staff on our server. We're here to help you, not pest you!
#2: Don't grief!
#3: Please don't swear. We are a family-friendly server, and do not tolerate swearing.
#4: Don't ask for ranks! We won't give you them, and you may end up getting banned in the end.
#5: No racism, hackusations, or spam. Our admins will deal these punishments properly.

Plugin List!
This is directly from the console's list.
[0;32;1mGroupManager[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mWorldEdit[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mVault[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mVote Menu[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mLittleTroller[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMultiverse-Core[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mKillerMoney[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mWorldGuard[0;37;1m, [0;32;1miConomy[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mDisguiseCraft[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mFakePlayersOnline[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMyMOTD[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mGods[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mBKCommonLib[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMuezliAnnouncer[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mLockette[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mHumiliator[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mGriefPrevention[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mEssentials[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mCreeperHeal[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mEndSwear[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mTowny[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mEssentialsSpawn[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mStatues[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMultiverse-Portals[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMultiverse-Inventories[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mMagicalSpells[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mChestShop[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mEssentialsChat[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mAntiCheat[0;37;1m, [0;32;1mWerewolf[m

And finally, our staff!
Owner: sonicezk
Co-Owner: darkvodedarkri
Admin: samus007
Admin: poisonrage19

Thanks for checking us out! We hope you enjoy our wonderful server![/highlight]
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