By Kernkin
#89340 We have literally just started. We have only a few towns started with three gyms so far. We have no fall, lava, suffocation, drowning, or hunger damage. It is an adventure mode server. We like to keep our world cleaned up and tidy(sorry survival Pixelmon players and we also do not see any need in a house or home since there are no creepers etc., hence adventure mode). We also have just about everything in the pokemarts except the full heals, burn heals, potions, etc. The reason for that is we notice they are almost never used. The TM's are also not in the shops. We have some items pretty pricey since we like to keep our players with something to do, and we like to have our players work for items, or Pokemon since we see it as more rewarding when they are gained. Keep in mind the towns are in early stages and will grow and become more developed as the same for the environment. We are looking for builders. We are hoping to grow into a big enough server to have every badge possible and we have plans for the next towns and recent ones too, but we need builders to speed things up and to get a variety of ideas and creativity. We will be looking for admins, but not exactly right now since the server will be small to start off of course. Also here is the server ip Relate any admin, builder, or any other status, along with new ideas, etc. on our site listed below. We hope to see many of you join our server, also have fun! is our new site.

Note: you need rareores,forestry and pixelmon to join the server.
Here are the links to the MODS that we DO NOT OWN. ... ersion-17/