By gamingnut2
#89358 [center]Hello and welcome to the Sun Shore Isles a new adventure server that is currently starting to look for new players[/center]

[center]The server currently has 12 Gyms and we are now hiring Gym leaders. There will be 3 Gym Leaders per Gym to start off and will have pokemon Specific to the Gym.[/center]
[center]Bug/Poison lvl 20-25[/center][center]Water lvl 32-36[/center][center]Fighting lvl 44-48[/center][center]Ground lvl 50-54[/center][center]Rock lvl 58-62[/center][center]Ice lvl 68-72[/center]
[center]Johto Gyms[/center]
[center]Flying lvl 10-15[/center][center]Bug lvl 16-20[/center][center]Normal lvl 21-25[/center][center]Ghost lvl 26-30[/center][center]Fighting lvl 31-35[/center][center]Steel lvl 36-40[/center][center]Ice lvl 41-45[/center][center]Dragon lvl 46-50[/center]

[center]Not only is the Sun Shore Isles a custom region, but the server also contains the Johto Region.[/center]

[center]Elite Four[/center]
[center]The Elite Four will not be hiring till after we get at least one Gym Leader per Gym.[/center]

[center]Once we get more people i would like to start events at every 10 players we get, but not just when we get players there will also be scheduled event days coming soon.[/center]

[center]Battle Frontier[/center]
[center]The server has many things and one of those things is a Battle Frontier.[/center]

[center]Custom NPCs[/center]
[center]We are also wanting to get a story line for both regions that would be similar to how a pokemon game would be, but we still want it to retain its adventure aspects.[/center]