By Yen_Snipest
#94078 I logged in to see what section might have this link but I do not see it so I assume it has already been removed by the direct owner or that I am missing it somewhere. If it is still there can you tell me where so it can be removed? also i apologize if it is in an obvious spot. I just don't see it.

By Yen_Snipest
#94562 Well Assuming that jake went in and got that taken care of all is well and our advert has not been removed. We are looing for alot of gym leader positions to be filled.

Check out which ones at /warp gyms when you join up so you can train your pokemon early guys.
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By KonkorFour
Lemonita wrote:Dear Poketowns please respect the tos and only link to the download page of pixelmonmod, do not publish the dirct adfly link on your own website.

Pixelmonmod needs the users who play pixelmon to have visited in case they need any support or report a bug upon the releas of new versions.

Once your link has been removed this message will be removed.

The link to the blog & download page was on our site but they apparently changed and stopped working that's why we linked to the adfly. But I have changed now. We also offer support on our website and help users to setup/play all the time but I can understand.
By Yen_Snipest
#94681 A lot of Leader positions just opened up when filtering out the old ones who had not been online in some time.

Come online and check /warp gyms to see what badges are available and maybe find the one you have always wanted.
By stealthninija
#98526 Hey i was robbed/greifed recently and it really sucked, i have pictures of them doing it and i really want them to be caught, it is the second time they have done it. Yes there are two people. Like i said i have pics of both their names in the act. Please help me get rid of them. :evil: :evil: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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By KonkorFour
#114780 Sorry Stealth, we haven't seen your post until now. If you could post on the poketowns website we would be happy to help.

Updates since 3.0.0

*Map Wipe
*Rank Reset (Ranks are now being done properly)
*E4 is up
*Official towns being made (gen1 has been completed already)

Come check us out, new IP on the front page.