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By sawine
#91464 Hello everyone,

If I'm making this thread today, it is because we need your help to fix an issue that is affecting all pixelmon servers.

It is well known at this moment that there is a problem with Pixelmon and MCPC+. Servers running both keep crashing and average 1-4 hours uptime between crashes.

We reported this issue multiple times and it has been a "pong" game between the Pixelmon and MCPC+ devs. The Pixelmon staff is claiming that MCPC+ is the cause of the issue and the MCPC+ staff wants more proof before looking into it.

They asked us to run a minecraft vanilla/forge server with Pixelmon and to test if we could crash it.

If we can crash it, it means the problem is Pixelmon. If we can't crash it, it means the problem is MCPC+ and they will look into the issue.

We need your help to stress test this server. If you want to help us get this bug fixed, please login to our test server and play. The goal is to crash the server.

The IP is: Once ingame do "/server test" and this will take you to the test server.

Thanks for your support, we really need your help to get to the bottom of this issue and get it fixed for all Pixelmon servers.


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By sawine
PhelpsterUK wrote:Hi Sawine,
Please refrain from using all caps in the topic's title. I have changed it for you.


Sorry about that, was just trying to make this thread more visible :3
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By Lemonita
Burgy wrote:That is the conversion to the new ID system, after a few of those are worked out. No more crashes.

This server has been setup to test Pixelmon on Forge Vanilla in order to check if we can get the same entity crash as we get on mcpc servers. If pixelmonmod does not crash on Forge Vanilla, this is an mcpc issue.

If it eventually does crash on Forge Vanilla, this would be a pixelmon issue.

This is not about the client crash of moves that is resolved upon 2.5.4.

Edit: Sorry Burgy, my apologies i overlooked the spam comment about the client crash.