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By jsnbrown1989


Thursdays at 10am and 10pm!

About Us:
MorningSun is a survival pixelmon server that is just beginning. We have a great group of staffers that are willing to help you and a wide open map for you to explore.

We are survival (Not adventure) so you can start by building your own house. Then your own city. Then your own region!

We have a 32 person gym system with an elite four staffed with Admins so that you know we will be online when the time is ready.

We use groupmanager to make teams. The Team Leaders have complete control over their team including promotions and demotions from ranks and moderation of their sections of our forum.
We currently have just three teams (Rocket, Aqua and Magma) but once these get properly established, we will be adding more in.

We also have an interactive forum much like the one here but all server related. Here you can discuss general topics about pixelmon or our server, apply for the various teams on the server and also apply for Gym Leader or even moderator.
Our forum is located at

Donations are a nice way to tell us thank you and also a great way to help keep the website and server up and running. We also like to tell those who donate thank you as well through donation perks. These perks are located at

Come by and check us out.
Our IP:
Our Website:
Our Facebook:
Our Twitter:

By ZKasamee95
#144158 Ingame Minecraft Username: ZKasamee95
What do you think about Morning Sun?
its think morning Sun is a good server because its got a large variety for players to do, large world to explore and the staff are really friendly. At first i thought that the sever would be just another server but that was soon changed because of the friendly and helpful community and the staff who was willing to help make the players pixelmon experience the best. unlike other severs Morning Sun is a fun sever to be on and im more than happy to be apart of the community
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By skywardstrike28
#144201 What do I think of Morning Sun? Amazing. I used to play on Jsn's previous server before this and even that was good. The staff have put a lot of time in to this server and it shows. I especially like how you have used custom plugins to make everything even more perfect. I would highly recommend this server to any of my friends. The staff are friendly and the server itself is lag-free and generally fun to play on. Keep up the good work :-)

Ingame Minecraft Username: skywardstrike
By ManaTheDragon
#144343 I love, love, LOVE Morning Sun. The staff is friendly and awesome! The gym system is solid and neat. The community is amazing. What I think of Morning Sun is It is a great server for people who are tired of the massive servers. There are so many wonderful people involved that it really is the BEST Pixelmon Server ever! I love it so much.

Ingame Minecraft Username: ManaTheDragon
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By CrazyQuilman157
#144560 Ingame Minecraft Username: CrazyQuilman157
What do you think about MorningSun?: The community, if defensive of the server, is an entertaining one, and pretty fun to talk with when anyone is actually on. I know an iron farm would be game-breaking, but due to the amount of protected land...
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By jsnbrown1989
#144797 You heard above what our beta testers had to say. Now you get to experience it yourself!


Oh My Goodness!
I can't believe we have finally come this far! I am so excited to open our doors back up again and welcome all Pixelmon players to our server! We have been getting things ready for a long while and the staff and I are ITCHING to have you guys back on board with us!

We will be opening up MorningSun at 3:00pm EST on January 17, 2015 to all players. We have 80 slots to be filled so make sure you invite your friends. Make sure the staff have a hard time getting in due to how many players are enjoying our server!

We will start out the afternoon with a large drop party to get us all started. After that we will be having random events all weekend and throughout next week!

I CANNOT wait to see you on our server!
Make sure you put our ip address into minecraft and get ready!
Also register to our website: to visit our community and to get free stuff!
If you like our Facebook page you also get a free pokemon! Make sure to like it asap!

See you on MorningSun tomorrow!
By RazorXYZ
#144843 What do you think about MorningSun? Honestly all there is to say is awesome ive been a long time player on another server previously owned by the server owner of morningsun and i gotta say i love it this server is incredible i love it all the towns the spawn and the same lovable and memorable staff from previous servers after being away from pixelmon for awhile coming back to this on this server has honestly been a wonderous and memorable experience and as always i wish to continue being apart of this amazing server the staff are awesome the server builds = mindblowing and the experience u just cant put in to words
Ingame Minecraft Username:RazorXYZ