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By ShadowD99
#142913 Fun Plugins and good Staff the SS Pixelmon Server is Great for everyone and is a open world survival, it has these following addons to make your pixelmon experience even better
~Claim Areas With Golden Shovel.
~Ranks, Backpacks and more!
~Evs and Ivs Checker so you know what to expect out of your pokemon.
~Wondertrade! Tutorial.
~Safari Zone Coming Soon.
~Holiday Events and Drop parties with chances of shinies!
~A server Texture Pack.
~Gym Leaders and Elite Four.-Half The Gym Leaders Are Npc's As Well As The Elite 4 Plus The Champ-
~You can vote and invite friends for free items!
~Quests for a story and a villain team.

The Gyms are in the first 4 gym will be run by npc's the other 4 will be player gym's
Please Give Your IGN And Get A Shiny Of Your Choice Not Legendary
Or Porygon and don't forget to like this page
You Must Be On The Server To Get Your Pokemon
2014-12-24_23.29.16.png (820.92 KiB) Viewed 570 times

By reocreeper
#143066 Shiny Wanted : Shiny Larvesta lvl 5 or Shiny mew, <3 your server btw friends invited me