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By DeadEyeXI
#189286 DYGaming i know how you feel if i pretty much act funny or cocky infront of arthur he said he would mute me and now even said he will ban me if i keep "Annoying him" so i cant ask for help or anything and i love The F2 button allowing me to take screenshots of every time he makes fun of me. Tells me im gonna get banned or muted if i even speak to him. And DYGaimg i use to be good with Arthur until i made a comment on the safari and then got in to an argument with him and then after that got muted for a week for having an a biased argument with Arthur over an opinion! So i can speak to him, Try and contact him in pretty much anyway, If i even troll someone or mess around he said he would ban me and i'm pretty sure i've still got the Screenshots so please Help DYGaming and please try and do something cause i can't ask for help from arthur cause he always ignores me and has admitted in chat multiple times when i ask him for help that he hates me and you can pretty much ask anyone. But Moe if you're reading This please atleast try and helper DYGaming because he's an amazingly funny and awesome Mate and i will stick by his side because i think it's going too far and it's unfair for players :/ Please Read This Moe :(
By TheGildedTemplar
#189304 Help?! I have had a glitch where when catching pokemon while already carrying 6, the newly caught pokemon replaces one of my 6 and I lose my old pokemon. It's not in my computer or anywhere. I lost a vileplume days ago, and now this evening I lost my level 58 Cradily to a level 7 oddish. Has anybody had this problem? Can I restore my lost pokemon or can an admin help me? Thanks. (PS love this server)
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By MoeBoy76
#189312 1) beta2 is resetting, it has been unmoderated for months now, beta1 is staying as is

2) advertising on another server post will get you banned from the forums
By DYGaming
#189313 Honestly, i cant find a server as similar to beta1, so im not been playing. The latest thing I've been playing is league of legends, thats pretty much it. still i dont think i should be ban for getting angry at someone and wanting to mess with him. doesn't seem fair that someone use there power to there advantage to mess with someone and yet i couldnt do anything about it. the most ive been do was stalking him and i got banned for it. does it seem far? honestly.
By Porkstation
#189340 I've been wondering why you haven't been on, DYGaming. I love this server and it's really fun but I think there should be some restriction to the admin powers. You shouldn't be able to just gift people pygmy legendaries or ban people based on your personal opinion.
By NarwhalsNarwhals
#189380 Well sorry to hear that Dy . The server should add more minigames to make it more fun and interesting :D at some point in the game you get too op and all you do when you reach that point is go for legendaries which sometimes take 3-4 hrs to spawn one and it sometimes it isnt even you . :-D
By DYGaming
#189404 Alright so lets get things clear, currently, to my knowledge, im banned for something that im already banned for. im banned for glitching/inciting unrest. im already banned for glitching for 1 hour which was fair enough. and inciting unrest was for attempts to mess with arthur. (important part) which was fair. the picture belows shows evidence. So if im banned for something that ive already been ban for.. its very clear that it isnt "a valid reason".

Click/Go to link.