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By DYGaming
#189446 Alright, first of this is gonna be very confusing so... I'm banned for glitching/ inciting unrest. I've already been ban for glitching for 1 hour means its sorted. Now inciting unrest, which was messing with Arthur, which was "fair" from Moe. now I'm banned for threatening DDoS when it was AFTER my ban so i wouldn't even threaten if i didnt even got banned in the first place. Before i was banned for something I've already been ban for. Now I'm banned for something that wouldn't have been possible if i didn't got banned.
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By DeadEyeXI
#189490 Narwhals if it stays not open to public. Or anyone else just hit me up cause i think the server is staying down i dont know :( But hit me up and tell me the server your playing if you wanna play. :(