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By Catdagger
#199062 I have been on cherish for almost a year since i started pixelmon three years ago and i love it i was looking for a server i could start anew on and every time i get on i get warm welcomes. i normally get off for a few long periods since joining due to school and future plans but when i do get back on the staff and most of all the player remember me and that nice and they have an amazing economy system which i love and very much use when i build or go on adventures
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By littleboyred1
#199102 I've been playing on this server for years now, and i still love it just as much. The community is great, there's no paywall for important things (Yet it's still worth donating) The staff are just as loving as the rest of the community and actually do their jobs properly, unlike alot of other servers. It lags less than most big servers (Which are usually a pain with lag) The owners work their tails off on this server, making it more of an enjoyable experience as time goes on. There are weekly events, good plugins to make life easier, You get to choose whether or not you get a shiny starter (along with a few extra starter choices) a balanced economy, and other things that aren't coming to mind right now. If you're looking for a new server to play, i highly recommend this one.