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By DayumDave
#198031 I used to play a lot on this server, but because a lot of people were playing on it, the server would often lag. Now however, the server seems to lag a lot less when more people join, and the server is still is fun as ever.
I also like that legendaries seem to spawn more then on other servers on here.
~DayumDave :-)
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By Ereniel
#198297 Such an amazing server, I've been on for a month now. Each day spending countless hours on the server, there's a great community, I've met countless hilarious, intelligent, down-to-earth people. Most of them being staff members, rarely ever laggy, helpful staff.
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By daginganinja2257
#198762 this server is awesome it has an amazing safari high legendary spawn rate and great peers (except for dayofcrimson hes mean) but otherwise the server spawn is awesome mballs for voting is amazing and everything is just awesome (except dayofcrimson)
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By BrennonVongamez
#198852 Ive only been on this server for about three days, but I like it a lot! Theres tons of cool and very active staff (maybe not a ton, but its really good for a small community)! I also like that it has a Battle Frontier, I found that really cool! Theres only one single thing that I do not like about this server. That thing is that normal players don't have access to /back (I'm not sure if higher ranks have that or not)