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By Pippa
#198059 Well that was just weird! I went in again, it said /rtp for survival so I avoided that this time. I tried to find how on earth to enter the Pixelmon part of the world where pokemon spawn and was told, after asking aloud and being mostly ignored, to walk along 'road 1'. There was no sign of such a road. I followed what pathway was there and found myself at the docks; lovely ships and gorgeous building, but no way to know how to get into the wild. The person who kindly said take road 1 tried to lead the way then; but could not seem to do so!!
I gave up. What the heck? Make it easier please. It's very confusing for a new person.

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By AnDwHaT5
Wildalien538 wrote:
ThePikafan01 wrote:Love the server, it's quite fun. Easily top 3 favorite servers, and the other 2 are more of the memories than anything else.

how do i download the Pokemon mod

You don't. We no longer provide download links.
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By Rasgnarok
#208069 Opening once again Oblique's Server Listing!
Running latest 8.2.0 Pixelmon, which you can download at, Oblique features the classic marry of an RPG, Quest server with Pixelmon Vanilla.

Log in to and build on our custom terrain, exciting seasonal events, delve into our custom, world-building lore and quests, challenge our competitive Gyms, and enjoy our awesome, 5 year old community.

Happy to see you all again,

Ras, Owner of Oblique.