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By Jukonteio
#194851 Before I start with this, I'd like to point out that I do not mean to be disrespectful with this post. I mean of course you guys deserve to be paid for your time and effort put into the mod/this server. Just trying to looking out for you by discussing my concerns if it could in fact avoid any issues in the future.
Hiroku wrote:I don't think you read very deeply into them. Those experience boosters are global. If you buy one, everyone benefits. It gives you zero advantage over anyone else, because the moment you give yourself that boost, everyone else gets it.

Yeah that kind of caught my eye as well, but when I read the description I thought "Wait wha-It gives everyone increased exp?". The last bit was kind of questionable as well: "you and your friends will all be affected!"

Made me wonder if there's some kind of friend system until you cleared it up with that. But, does that make it non-P2W? I mean everyone's benefiting, but they're still paying for it. Huh, I guess so. Haven't really looked at the EULA in a while but it doesn't sound like it infringes on it at first thought. Seriously though, you guys should raise the price...I mean a server wide experience boost for $2.50? Actually all of the packages are $2.50 while being different but better I think?..that confuses me as well..

^On second thought, it does sound more P2W-ish because everyone on the server benefits from this but not the people who are not online. So the people that missed it will probably get that vibe as well because of how much everyone else would be able to advance in that time.

Next was the random shiny Pokemon. It sounds like a random online person will receive a random shiny Pokemon or one of their Pokemon will become shiny? Sounds like an unattractive package, but thinking of it in an abusive way..if it's a random Pokemon then that means it could be a starter (Matched if not stronger than Legendaries imo) or a Legendary and if the donator has friends or if a staff member is online they could potentially receive the Pokemon and trade it to the donator making it P2W, wouldn't it? (Well, actually it could just go to a complete random as well. Considering the 'friendly environment' they'd probably just give them the donated Pokemon anyway.)

Then onto the Player Portal, it kind of does sound like it is P2W. So you have access to your own personal portal..I mean that's a clear cut advantage over everyone else isn't it? Can you change the teleport location at any time? Is it Vanilla? Does anyone else have access to teleports? Hmm...regardless of whether or not I have answers to those questions it still sounds like it'd be P2W.

Particle effects...doesn't sound like an advantage but isn't it selling vanilla MineCraft effects? Might be infringement.
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By Hiroku
#194886 There are a lot of things you don't understand there. Firstly, if everyone online gets it, then it simply isn't pay2win. If everyone gains, it isn't giving a player an advantage over another, only those that are online vs not online, which is not the same thing. It becomes luck, and luck ain't an advantage.

The random shiny is given to the player who buys it, but it's still random, which means they're just as likely to get a Wurmple or a Dunsparce, the only thing they know is that it will be shiny, which is cosmetic. It's all but the same as an extra Wondertrade roll.

I asked the Pixelmon Admin about the portals before I did it. Since people could just use sethomes to get the same result in LESS time (going to the portal vs using /home from anywhere), then it becomes simply a more graceful and more time consuming way of traveling between 2 places.

And no, selling particle effects which happen to use the particle types as defined in Minecraft is not at all infringing on anything.

Should look at the EULA more thoroughly, and also on related posts about what is and isn't acceptable to them.
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By lfsm97
#196137 The server is Perfect!!
I play in other server, look for a good server, and found the oblique.
This server is what i look for.
Is not pay to win, there are a amazing map, the gyms leaders ate Players, not NPCs.
There are quests and good Staffs. The staff help you in what want and when you need.
Tanks for the server, i really enjoy the server.
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By Hiroku
#196806 Yes to the first, and a half yes to the second; we have two worlds you can go between via some portals scattered around the place. You start in a world with no vanilla mobs, a portal down by the water from memory will take you to a mob world
By SViper
Hiroku wrote:Yes to the first, and a half yes to the second; we have two worlds you can go between via some portals scattered around the place. You start in a world with no vanilla mobs, a portal down by the water from memory will take you to a mob world

Perfect server. We have place where we can train up our Pokémon before going to Vanilla. :)
By asdfninja
#196859 my only problems with this server is no real starter zone to help. That and content locked behind pvp gyms. as I understand its only a few quests. but as ive seen you have gym leaders who use tm moves that generally one shot a lot of pokemon at that level and it just gets annoying I mean fire gym using electric moves? kinda goes against the theme of fire doesn't it? I don't think it should be easy but not against the theme of a gym that you would normally train a type for either.