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By SViper
Hiroku wrote:Yes to the first, and a half yes to the second; we have two worlds you can go between via some portals scattered around the place. You start in a world with no vanilla mobs, a portal down by the water from memory will take you to a mob world

Perfect server. We have place where we can train up our Pokémon before going to Vanilla. :)
By asdfninja
#196859 my only problems with this server is no real starter zone to help. That and content locked behind pvp gyms. as I understand its only a few quests. but as ive seen you have gym leaders who use tm moves that generally one shot a lot of pokemon at that level and it just gets annoying I mean fire gym using electric moves? kinda goes against the theme of fire doesn't it? I don't think it should be easy but not against the theme of a gym that you would normally train a type for either.
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By Rasgnarok
#196861 They are competitive gyms, meaning that the Pokemon are made to counter the usual opponents. If you bring a full team of Wartortle, then you can expect to be beaten - it is about strategy, and actually training your Pokemon. Electric moves make great counter for Water type Pokemon, and that is why the Fire gym has them.
Considering you can get TMs pretty much by endless means (buying from players, awarded at gyms, through TMtrade, boss drops, pokeloot, NPC shops), there is no reason why we would restrict gyms to non-TM moves.

As for starting area, unless you really are keen to learn, you will miss on many cues we do give, through /kit books, our spawn, our staff, and well, quests.
By asdfninja
#196864 I mean a low level poke spawn to be more clear. having lv 45 spawn right where u start is kinda silly and I could understand competitive it was for that point having content locked behind it is what gets me. I mean you have to wait for people to hopefully be on to try once a day to be able to get it. and then they have tms and ev train dunno seems if you just try to play for the pve experience you will miss out. But granted it is what it is its not a bad server just my issues with it. everyone is fairly nice never had a issue with performance or mods. Just don't like that setup myself.
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By Rasgnarok
#196881 Well there were low level spawners in spawn, but they been removed since it was causing some fps issues since the newest pixelmon release. I'll be adding them back whenever that is fixed. As for the normal spawns in the Spawn area, those are the ones from the biome, can't regulate much.

But yeah, the gyms are geared competitively, so we got books to explain EV training, and encourage breeding and proper team creation. If you want, leaders can give you tips on how to counter a gym Pokemon causing you issues - they are there to help players get better!
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By Pippa
#196963 I tried to like this server but the spawnrate was almost 0, although I waited in one spot for a day and a night! No pokeloot, no npcs at all except a few at spawn. And people weren't very welcoming. Perhaps it's gotten tired...
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By Hiroku
#196987 After catching a stack of Pokemon I'm left speculating whether you were in the Mob world, especially since you didn't see Pokeloot when it isn't set to vanish ever. And there are NPCs all throughout the pokemon world's adventure area, though not out in survival because of how broken the money from trainers is. Either way I'm pretty sure you were in the monster world