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By Luvaz
#198775 Minecraft IGN: Luvaz

PokéQuest is probably the best Pixelmon server I know. It has amazing staff members, events, mini-games, a competitive Pokémon Battle mode and welcoming community.

I found out about the server thanks to a friend who has played on it for a while. The first time I joined the server about six people I've never seen before welcomed me and were very helpful and showed me how stuff worked around there.

I do really recommend playing on PokéQuest for the best pixelmon experience! ;-)

(I do also recommend joining the Discord server where we chat and play different kinds of games all the time!)
By kitsar1234
#198856 Ingame Minecraft Username: Deidara_I
What do you think about PokéQuest? This server is great at inviting people and are very welcoming to those who are new to pixelmon. There are daily Mini-events to keep one entertained with possible prizes, parks for fair chances of catching all sorts of different pokemon, and a great moderator crew who help with issues in person. A lot of the people on the server enjoy other anime as well making conversations with them fun, and their discord server almost always has someone in it to talk to. And even though the serve theme monuments are not finished yet they are a "wonder" to behold. I would suggest this server to anyone who plays pixelmon new or old.
By DonnyLDeup
#198881 Ingame Minecraft Username: TqkeL
What do you think about PokéQuest? Its Lit. Its Really fun playing with my friends on this server. This server is a very friendly server so thats good. Its great competing against my friends and Battling against each other. The staff are really lit especially SlenderGami.
By TqqkeW
#198882 Ingame Minecraft Username: TqkeW
What do you think about PokéQuest? This server is very nice and all the staff and players are all helpful. Its fun to play with all my friends and make pokemon puns on this server. This server is filled with a lot with friendly people and staff. Its great that there are events everyday.
By Jiryro
#198888 Ingame Minecraft Username: Markohh
What do you think about PokéQuest? In all honesty, I think PokeQuest is a great server. The community is small overall but it's always nice to have a small, kind community. I've been playing for only 5 days and I feel like I fit in pretty well in the community. The staff is reliable as well, I have never had to complain about them
By SSBCloudStrife
#198920 what i like about pokequest they have ranked battles an auction house you can reroll nature,ivs,ability size playershops awesome staff very friendly server custom plugins like particle elytra's custom quest that are later to come i've never played any server like this before this is th reason's why i like pokequest
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By ZekromSlayer
#198981 Ingame Minecraft Username: ZekPai
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): Love PokeQuest, great server, and I absolutely love the people I play with. They are all amazing people and I am so happy to have met all of them. I really enjoy the way that they have set up the ranked battles, team building, and general survival. Very well done Kuma. Love you guys <3
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By bergandern
#198985 Ingame name: Bergandern

Pokéquest is a really good server in so many ways, first thing first is that the staff is so amazing, they all are really friendly and is really good at fixing problems.
Now the pokéquest server is really amazing just because it's so well balanced. You can buy shinies from their own store or you can trade with other players. The server is very friendly and i'm happy to be a part of it.
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By Cryzma
#199204 Ingame Minecraft Username: Cryzma
What do you think about PokéQuest? (40 words or more, include suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas): When joining the server I really enjoyed the fact its a fresh server so I'm not too far behind. And I really enjoy the map layout and how everything comes together. And the people online are all super friendly and a blast to chat with!