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By XternityPixelmon

★ True Competitive Pixelmon ★

Greetings, everyone! XternityPixelmon is a new competitive pixelmon server with tons of custom features, plugins, and events to make your experience as strong as possible! Our goal for the server is to combine both survival and pixelmon to provide a fun and challenging adventure for our players. We encourage all of our members to get to know the community and help improve the server, as we are always open to suggestions for how we can improve. Everything we offer is based around ideas suggested by players and community members, and we welcome you to help us improve the experience! Come take a look at what we have to offer, talk with our staff, get to know our community, and you'll be here to stay!

Our latest update brings forth an armada of new features, starting with our fabulous new Member system where you can earn fancy new tags, additional permissions, and the knowledge of being a support of XternityPixelmon (Achievement Get!). Beyond that, we've got a new crew of loyal shopkeepers with quite a personality that are looking to buy, sell, and trade with you - check them out at spawn! On top of that, we've also opened up crates, so you can now earn crate keys from voting for our server as well as answering trivia questions that pop up in chat. We've got lots more on the way, so come online and give us a try!

- Credibility and experience (2 years old)
- XternityPixelmon Member system
- Competitive player gyms and tournaments
- Custom plugins and features
- Realistic world terrain (it's fancy!)
- Player claims through GriefPrevention
- Custom shopkeepers
- Unique gym and Elite 4 system
- Weekly events and/or tournaments
- Powerful reward crates plugin
- PixelExtras, IVs/EVs, and Wondertrade
- Trivia questions with rewards
- Strong Discord community (join below!)
- NEVER Pay-to-Win
And so much more!

As a newly released server, there's sure to be a couple kinks left to work out - but no worries! Our team is well prepared to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, so feel free to talk with one of our staff members if there's something you need help with. In the meantime, feel free to come chat with us on our Discord server above and offer any suggestions you have for the server!

Version: Pixelmon 5.1.1 [mc1.10.2]

See you online!
By XternityPixelmon
#200051 Greetings all! We're back with a bunch of new updates, and it time to start putting our game face on. With that said, let's see what's new!

First, we'd like to introduce our brand new Member system! If you've been our server for at least 7 days, recorded over 10 hours of active time, and been a user on our website and discord for over 3 days, simple contact a staff member to become an XternityPixelmon Member! Among other things, Members receive some fabulous new tags, a handful of extra permissions, and the knowledge that you support XternityPixelmon - go you!

Additionally, shopkeepers have been added to the mix so you all can buy, sell, and trade to your heart's content with our non-playable denizens of the server. However, if you've got your mind set on competing with our players, you can go head-to-head (or toe-to-toe?) with them with our custom trivia set. Not only will winning give you some bragging rights, but you'll also receive an Epic Key that may be used on an Epic Crate for some fancy rewards. Not the best at trivia? That's OK! Epic Keys can also be received by voting for us each day on one of our six sites. Use them now, or stockpile them as a premium currency - it's all in your hands!

Update Changelog
- New Member system
- Added shopkeepers
- Added crates
- Added trivia
- Increased spawns

We'd like to invite you all to come join in the fun, so check out to see everything that's new and become a Member of the community today!