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By MeowItsLauren
#199712 (To the forum moderators - I'm aware we have an existing thread, but it's been gathering dust as we're unable to update it. The one who wrote the thread was a previous Owner of ours who no longer works here, so as a result, we've had to create this new one. The old one can be deleted if necessary, and I'm sorry if this is still going against your rules.)


InitiaNova is making its come back, bigger and better than ever!
Version: Pixelmon 5.1.2

Initially founded in late 2014, InitiaNova stands as one of the community's longest lasting servers. We've had our ups and downs, but as Summer draws closer, we're planning and scheming our ascent to be one of the most prominent Pixelmon communities yet again. With some unprecedentedly exciting features to soon emerge, we're certain you'll want to be around to see them pushed into action!
The Server is Survival with GriefProtection, ensuring you are free to build a house minus the risk of pesky griefers.

EV Training Center:

- Official Teams: join forces with some of the most fearless Trainers of our server, and be a part of an inevitable and imminent clash for supreme power.
- Gym Leaders: challenge our carefully selected leaders for a chance to earn Gym Badges. Be warned, they are not merciful opponents. Upon beating all 8 gyms, make sure to take a hike up to E4, where the best of the best wait.
- Events: frequent tournaments are littered throughout the months, as well as other unique opportunities for the community to partake in. Epic prizes await, with a bundle of fun along the way.
- Shiny Starters: we've taken the liberty of tipping a tube of glitter over your starters, to give them that extra special feeling!
- Friendly Staff and Community: our server's proven to suit all audiences, regardless of age. Everyone, including the staff, is up for a bit of banter.
- Wondertrade: watch your extra Pokemon take off without a hitch, and replaced by that horrible Magikarp you so desperately craved... maybe.
- Safari Zone: searching for that elusive Mesa is a thing of the past! With a simple warp, you'll have access to every biome, instantly, in a condensed but aesthetic area. Make sure look out for the NPCs hanging about.
- Staff and Gym Leader Opportunities: as Summer begins to linger, it's only natural that we'll need to expand our team of elite individuals to cater for the growing player base. If you think you've got what it takes, then feel free to apply!

New features are constantly being implemented, so make sure to check this thread regularly for the most up-to-date information!
Other than that, have a great day, and we'll be waiting for you over at InitiaNova.
- The InitiaNova Staff Team~

(Photo credit to KazuApollo and Fiammata.)
(And creds to yours truly for the final picture. c;)
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