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By GalacticMew0716
#203827 So ik how to link an account, but what idk is what to open the pixelink file with since I'm in windows 10. if anyone could help i would greatly appreciate it!
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By XpanD
#203828 For some odd reason, the file is packaged as a slightly less common format. You can open it with a free tool like 7-Zip, or with WinRAR if you have that. Make sure you extract the files somewhere before running PixelLink itself!
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By Pederick
#203829 I already linked my account, how can i get trainer hat now? The command not seem to be work... Is it work with reforged version?
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By XpanD
#203830 Yup. Try using "/redeem" without arguments first to sync things up.

After doing the above, use "/redeem trainerhat R G B". R/G/B is red/green/blue, 0-255 (0 is 0% of a color, 255 is 100%). As an example, "/redeem trainerhat 255 0 255" should give you a purple (red + blue) hat.

If you need further help, the Discord (link to the right) might be worth joining -- it's more active than here.