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By Obscuros
#204209 Image
Obscuros is a community-based Pixelmon server

Looking for a Pixelmon Server? We offer a place where you can play any way you want. Whether that's casual survival style or adventure-like with challenges like in the games and unique grand cities and parks to explore, we have it all in one creative package with a lot of heart.

Server IP:

Live World Map:
Travel Guides:

-Friendly Community
-Obscuros Form Pokémon [Unique Forms with different textures/stats/abilities/moves/sprites]
-Naturally-spawing Custom Texture Pokémon (They are like 2nd shinies but more common)
-Win exclusive Custom Texture Pokémon (500+) [alongside normal Pokémon]
-Game Corner [Gamble and win amazing prizes]
-McMMO [Level Up System]
-Sell Pokemon to Shopkeepers!
-Buy expensive modifications with in-game money
-GTS║Wondertrade║Hunts║Ultra Space enabled
-Daycare with Virtual Ranch Blocks [for better performance]
-All Ride Pokémon Enabled [no tokens required]
-Earnable in-game Ranks
-Unlockable Areas & /kits
-Events & Contests [Iki Town Festival | Lake of Rage | Pokemon Snap | Bug Catching Contest | & more]
-Monthly Tournaments
-Custom Cities to explore, with Boss Trainers and unique features
-Mt. Battle [Battle through all 100 Trainers]
-Player Gyms ║ Player Elite Four ║ NPC Gyms ║ [open applications]
-Defeat Gym Leaders twice to get exclusive Gym Custom Pokémon
-Gym Leader Castle [NPCs Leaders]
-Victory Road
-EV Training Arenas
-Pokémon Parks
-Farm World [for resource gathering]
-Pokédex Rewards
-Aura effects for your Pokémon
-Octillery's Vote Shop (exchange vote tokens for special goodies)
-Keep Inventory║-Land & Chest Protection

Twitter: @PlayObscuros
Instagram: @PlayObscuros
Twitch: PlayObscuros


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By EvilDusk
#204230 Tonight is your last chance to complete the event and get your Easter Lopunny and Easter Basket Keys! You will still be able to turn your screenshots in and get your Easter Lopunny after the event ends, but tomorrow all of the eggs and Trainers will vanish from Sol Caelus!
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By Obscuros
#204796 Image
New Obscuros Forms!

7 new Pokémon forms are obtainable in Obscuros! You can get one of each by finding all 20 hidden treasures in each of the following cities: Port Alangard, Celtis Village, Kalte, Shadows, Sol Caelus, Celtis Forest, and Albatropolis. Use /warp Treasure for all the info you'll need to get started hunting those treasures! Unlike event hunts, this is a permanent feature of the server.

    Pirate Aurorus [Ground/Water]
    Venomous Flygon [Poison/Dragon]
    Gembound Dragonite [Ice/Psychic]
    Shadow Zoroark [Dark/Ghost]
    Ethereal Ribombee [Fairy/Psychic]
    Forest Rapidash [Grass]
    Steampunk Glalie [Steel]

These new Pokémon have unique textures, stats, abilities, moves, and sprites!