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By Astrosity
#204782 [MORE INFO HERE]
Poké Grump Server

Where to get us
Version: 7.2.0

About us!
Everything is Completely Free!
NPC Elite 4 & Player Champion
Dragon Mountain
Wild Area
Rank System
Hardcore Grind Server

Everything Completely Free!
This server was created with a completely free to play server in mind. This means we have no Pay To Win aspects at all! While we do take donations from players willing to do so, nobody can gain any advantage over anyone else through payments. All of our donations received are completely out of generosity with it all going towards the cost of the server aswell as future plugins! What does this mean for you?

Elite 4 & Player Champion
This server has an Elite 4 that consists of 4 NPC trainers. In order to challenge the Elite 4, the owner and player champion must be on. You also must have 8 badges of different sort. The player champion, Colin is ready for battle!

Regular Events
We have many server-run events occasionally! For example, the Mt. Silver event that will be hosted soon!

Wild Area
Have you played Sword and Shield? We implicated into our server as a warp for a top rank.

Dragon Mountain
Dragon Mountain is a mountain filled with the strongest NPC trainers and loot chests that refill every 6 hours! This place isn't a warp, but a place you must find somewhere in the nether.