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By Flarkinater
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Server Info
Discord: Click here to get the invite

Main Features
  • Custom Terrain Generation: PokeXplore uses a heavily modified version of Biome Bundle for its terrain. NOTE: You do not have to install Biome Bundle in order to play on this server, the only required mod is Pixelmon.
  • Auto-refilling Loot: ALL loot chests (found in dungeons throughout the world) will auto-refill once every two weeks or so! That means that no matter when you join the server, the map will still feel fresh!
  • Dungeons with Pixelmon Spawners: You probably know about "Haunted Towers", but on PokeXplore, Haunted Towers aren't the only structures with spawners! You can find castles, cemeteries, pyramids, and other dungeons which contain Pixelmon Spawners of varying Types, not just Ghosts!
  • Unique Auras: Below is just a sample of the many Auras you can find on PokeXplore! Click the image to see these Auras animated on our homepage!

    Other Features
  • Popular Pixelmon plugins: GTS, Wondertrade, Hunts, Plushies, Pokedisguises, Fusions, Gen 8 Mints, Rustles, Teams
  • Dual-Typed, Player-led Gyms
  • NPC Gyms (Coming Soon!)
  • Badges you can shine for rewards!
  • Player particles
  • Equippable Titles
  • Custom Texture and Custom Form Pokemon (Coming Soon!)
  • Quests!
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • Free EV Training Area
  • All Ride Pokemon enabled
  • All External Moves enabled
  • Craftable Rare Candy
  • Land Claiming (Grief Prevention)
  • Keep Inventory
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • A nice Menu for most features

  • If the only reason you're doing something is to deliberately annoy or inconvenience another player (and your actions go beyond "a prank between friends"), it's probably against the rules.
  • The full list of rules can be found here.

Statement From the Owner
I've been playing Pixelmon since 2014, but in all of that time it never felt like any server was "the one" for me. So I began to create my own in May 2019, and released PokeXplore to the public last November. My goal from the start was "create a server I would have fun playing on", and that goal shines through in every aspect of the server.

I pride myself on:
  • Participating in the community - I'm extremely active on the server itself, and have the third-highest playtime out of all players even after 4 months.
  • Responding to feedback - I personally respond to every suggestion from players (which are made in our suggestions channel on Discord), even ones that I decline or otherwise can't implement. I always explain why I am or am not implementing a suggestion.
  • Accommodating all player types - There are lots of different play styles, and it's my goal to allow everyone to do the thing they enjoy most without "falling behind" in the server economy. Mining, crafting Pokeballs, catching Pokemon, breeding Pokemon, fighting NPC trainers, grinding boss loot, hunting for chest loot, and more are *all* equally viable ways of making server-money.
  • Getting the details right - There are lots of small, easy things that many server owners never enable or fix, because they don't actually play Pixelmon themselves. This includes turning off aggressive Pokemon, allowing Auto Anvil Reloading, increasing the teleport height of Elevators, and others. These tiny features add up, and lead to a greatly improved Quality of Life.

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By Flarkinater
#205364 The server is resetting on Saturday June 6th, at 24 GMT! For most of Europe that's midnight or early morning on Sunday, and for the Americas that's Saturday night.

For the full details about the reset, please see the post on our homepage!

We have a few events leading up to the reset, including a HACKMONS tournament, so feel free to compete even if you've never played on the server before!
  • Friday June 5th, 18 GMT: Anything Goes Tournament
  • Friday June 5th, 24 GMT: All players are given access to Creative Mode, /pokegive, and /pokeedit, in preparation for the Hackmons tournament! Create whatever OP Pokemon you want, because they're going to be reset for the new map! TNT will also be enabled at this time, so you can celebrate the end of the map with a bang!
  • Saturday June 6th, 18 GMT: Hackmons Tournament
  • Saturday June 6th, 24 GMT: The new server map opens!