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Spectral | v7.2.2 | Events! | Custom Features

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2020 04:38
by LoliRachel
Amazing, Lovely and friendly. We offer custom features that make your time with us enjoyable and keeps you coming for more, Our friendly community is driven by challenge & competition but we also display good sportsmanship, Spectral was designed with the new gamer and late gamer in mind. So What are you waiting for join us

Server IP :


Our Features:
Free | pokeheal | pc | megaring
Bosscave and /warp market
Weekly Events
Active Staff and Friendly Community
Daily boosters


Re: Spectral | v7.2.2 | Events! | Custom Features

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2020 00:17
by Kakashi29
This sever is lit join it now or have bad luck for the entire next decade


PostPosted: 31 Mar 2020 00:35
by Sxrge
Hello my Minecraft user is xXSZGXx
I've been playing this Minecraft server for about 2 weeks now and honestly have had a loads of fun. the Staff is super active and helpful, and the community is very active and still growing. This server is not pay to win...its more or less grind to win, granted there is a lot of server events that do give out legends and money and other in game items but that's not pay to win... Theres also a good amount of player teams around the server and i joined LoliRachel's team, Team Hudie... That by itself gave me a community to play with at the start of my adventure and made me want to play the server more. They'res nothing that I've ran into so far that i really disliked but things are always being changed and its still in beta, and by the way things are looking the full release is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see whats to come .;,;.


Re: Spectral | v7.2.2 | Events! | Custom Features

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2020 09:45
by CrazyYTGamer
Hey there guys,
My mc name is Crazy_YT_Gamer.
Today im here to talk about Spectral server. You enter and one of the first things that notice is that the owner and 1 staff at least is on almost always(they do need to sleep). After you also notice that are always ready for suggestions and they apreciate all them. Staff is always there to help and have fun, joking, doing events and so. Server-side is well managed and has cool features, custom leveling, dex rewards etc.
BTW the server is not even pay2win, it´s more like play to win.
Community is still growing, but for the actual stage is cool.
Right now the server is still on beta but when it´s fully developed, i´m sure it will compete on the big servers league.
So you know, bring some friends, play and win. That´s the actual challenge

Come join us and prepare to have fun. :-)

Re: Spectral | v7.2.2 | Events! | Custom Features

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2020 19:27
by kermit244
Hello, My Username is Kermit244.
I support Spectral Pixelmon as a thriving community and it definitely is a fantastic server to join. The Voting rewards are top notch. The events are super cool. Including free ranks and even /fly. I 100% recommend joining this server. You will not be let down when you do :D.


PostPosted: 24 Apr 2020 13:08
by TinyTwink
Hi! My IGN is TinyTwink and I really enjoy my time on Spectral so far! The community is really nice and fun, and the staff are lovely. Its a close-knit community but as a new player, I was welcomed quickly. The leveling system is really cool too! Sometimes it can be a bit slow or quiet but usually, there are around 2-6 people on at any given time. Overall a nice place! I would definitely recommend hopping in and saying hi!