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By alessio2010
#205041 Welcome to PokeLands
Introducing a new Pixelmon experience, packed with amazing new features and events!

Pixelmon reforged technic modpack. 1.12.2
IP -

• Survival
• Pixelmon Reforged
• Player shops
• Free ev training
• Auras
• Tournaments w/ Cash Prizes
• Hidden Traders
• Biomes O’ Plenty
• Drop Parties
• Daily Events
• Daily Rewards
• Friendly Community
• Friendly Staff

Come and stop by on ! Have a great day !
1. Download the require mods with forge

Pixelmon Reforged
Biomes O Plenty

Heres a download ... You need to download Pixelmon yourself


Download the modpack on Technic Launcher: ... ed.1150447

2. Join the server


pixelmon, tournaments, player shops, lockette, griefprevention

Come check us out at mc.Pokeland.World! Please note you need to have the latest version of Reforged and Biomes O’ Plenty in order to join.