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By ZayinYod
#205279 Ip:

AlpineMC offers a large map to explore, multiple challenges, gyms, easter eggs, and a ton of fun tournaments and events hosted three times a week! Grind your way to become the servers master trainer, challenge the Elite 4, and beat the reigning Champion!
The map is custom-built, and spans over 1.5k blocks in length and width, and is being expanded every day by our own build team. Journey through massive cities, nuclear fallout, fairy forests, and sketchy back alleys to become the ultimate pokemon trainer.


- Random Increase days (increased legendary spawn/increased exp/increase $)
- Shiny Safari bi-monthly
- Team Raids
- Tournaments (Single, Double, Tag Team)
- Poketrivia weekly
- Scavenger Hunts
- Team v Team War


Unique Features:

- Teams (i.e. Galactic, Plasma, Steam...)
- Player Made Towns
- Competitive Player Gyms
- Custom Map 1.5kx1.5k blocks
- Dungeons
- Raid Events on the map
- Storyline/Custom NPCs
- Unique Legendary Spawn Mechanics



Unique Development
The staff team at AlpineMC has worked very hard at bringing you an incredibly unique experience, between the changes in some legendary spawn mechanics, a fully functioning storyline, multiple bosses pulled straight out of the games and made more competitive, a custom radio feature that allows you to choose what song you listen to as you fight, and many other incredible features you'll never be bored!

By ZayinYod
#205401 Added $$ Prize Tournaments:
Each month we host a month-long event where players battle to ascend the ranks, at the end of the month, the highest-ranked player(s) receive a variable amount of money (irl). The amount of money changes monthly and increases with the server's popularity and wealth.
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By Kuwoobie
#205725 I really love the new server. You guys really did a great job. I can't wait for the pokemon league to get fired up with its first champion. I encourage anyone reading this to take part and show us your competitive battling edge.