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By Screm

PixelPark is a brand new Pixelmon server just starting out!
We have many features that keep our users engaged and interested, as well as active staff and gym leaders who are always willing to battle or help! If you're interested in joining this growing community make sure to check it out!

IP: Play.PixelParkMC.com
Discord: Disc.pixelparkmc.com
Modpack: Modpack.pixelparkmc.com

Features include:
- Prestige with donator rank perm rewards!
- Custom Pokemon
- Player-Elite4 connecting with the prestige system making them even harder!
- Player-Gyms All of our gym leaders have bp pixelmon ready to challenge any user! This is optional, and you can progress through the server without gyms.
- Friendly Community
- Helpful Staff
- Helpful Players!
- Jobs
- Progression
- Player driven Economy
- Player shops, GTS, Safetrade
- Trade System
- Vote System
- Training Rooms
- EV Training
- Elo pvp
- Raids
- Active events (Whenever i'm bored, these will become more regular soon.)
- Balanced gameplay (As best as i can)
- Pixelmon you can actually fight (Armor and sword battles! - Custom drops/items & new events to come with these! Get your swords ready!)

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By Screm
#205727 I can't find the bump button - so here's an announcement that's in the post!

Coming October will be our first seasonal event ever! We're still planning everything out - but think you'll enjoy what we have to offer over on discord! Teaser:
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By Screm
#205848 Still can't bump, but here's another announcement! We're doing a building competition and it has been going on all day! Join for your chance to win cool prizes & more (All day until 12:00 AM EDT/GMT -7) come join!
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By XpanD
#205853 There is no bump button, new posts will bump the topic back up to the top.

EDIT: Apparently there is one? May be limited to specific subforums, I don't remember seeing it anyways.
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By Screm
#205954 Brand new event competition out now!
1 whole week to complete a custom-pixelmon drawing (Rules and regulations on our discord!)
Make sure to come check us out, and join in on the fun! We plan to do these much more often!

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By xXGeassXx
#206038 Great server with an active staff. Regular raids, and other events.
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By BlueWizard
#206218 Very good server I've been playing it for a while now and the staff is really nice and I love to play it in my spare time. The raids and events are fun.
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By connellklel
#206310 this server very good join or get sadded and unhappiness.
worked on the server since day 1 would like to see players join as we usually have same regular player join often and it would mean alot to the staff and owner to see this community grow big.
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By Screm
#206390 Tournament of Power event ending in 5 days! Get your favorite costume pokemon before they are gone till next year!

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By Screm
#206540 No bump! But we're planning more events soon :)
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