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By Raqus
#206909 This is by far the BEST Server I have ever been on, and it's AUSTRALIAN! With Pixelmon!! The community is like no other, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and a grind to the top attitude! My favourite part is probably the Rental Tournaments (you're provided with a Pokemon team to battle at Tournaments) :-D
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By Princewar25
#206910 This server helped to sate and fuel my addiction to Pixelmon. The community is kind and always willing to help out and players are offered a lot of helpful tools to assist them in becoming a Pokemon Master :) 10/10 would play again ign :))))))

PS: If anyone gets a Meltan pls give it to me :)))
By QuinB
#206911 The server is really fun! I'd been searching for ages, been on tons of servers but none had a mix of survival, pixelmon and community like this one did. It's a fair server and the people here are happy to talk about anything, even helping others through tough times. Definitely recommend playing, it's one of a kind!
By IcarusYoung
#206912 this server is so F******G incredible! i was so bored with normal Minecraft and normal pokemon, but the fusion of them is Immaculate! the constant change and things to do can keep yo intrigued for YEARS! this sever, saved my life! :-D

Thank you
By PotassiumK
#206913 I absolutely adore this server, the staff are very accommodating and funny, the banter throughout the community is amazing and everyone in the server is very helpful when it comes to people with enquiries, issues etc. I have had many funny and unique experiences while playing with such a wide array of people that play on the server and the server provides hours and hours of unique playing experience through the many different features and elements on the server. Overall, an amazing server for people who want to play pixelmon and are new as they will give you a warm welcome and help you however you need.
By cameron915
#206914 GREAT sever never never cease to amaze me there's all way something to do with lovely and helpful staff and players will always give u a hand lots of fun activities like tournaments with rental Pokémon and mini games such as bike races bingo corners spleef and lots more best of all its an Australian server meaning not as much lag as other servers and smoother play thought of the wonderful fruitpixel server.
By jon4943
#206915 i honestly love this server i've been playing on it for about 6 months now and i've played on survival and pixelmon with the wonderful staff teams and a bit of prison with their helpful people ngl the players are awesome and i abosutely adore the team and friends i've made
By crookjm
#206916 Amazing server full of welcoming people and very helpful staff. Really good experience for anyone bored of normal minecraft, keeps you entertained for hours. Weekly rental tournaments are great for anyone no matter what your experience level and you win nice things!!!!
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By SirNebula
#206917 I played on their Survival Server for almost 5 year, but when they released their Pixelmon Server I was INSTANTLY HOOKED. The community there is amazing and the way their perks are set up are very different, which makes playing on this server SUPER FUN!